Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's day

Hey folks,
Moving slowly on this blog but wanted to put a couple of shout outs. One is to Dave Campion and all the percussion students at Laurier. I did a drum clinic there last Friday and had a blast. Also did another clinic for Long and McQuade March 16th and Iain and Andy from the store took great care of me.
The drum clinic thing is an interesting challenge. I really enjoy playing solo and creating shapes, textures, drum melodies etc. It is difficult, however, not to long for something that will be really impressive technically. To "dazzle" everyone, if you will. I'm not really that sort of player though and I think part of what I can offer in a clinic setting is that you don't have to get one of those fastest drummer belts (although if there is a slowest drummer belt, I'd like to go for that!) to contribute musically and work as a musician. I've often said that I'm somewhere in the middle ground between Ringo and Vinnie Colaiuta. (No disrespect to either of them.) I've learned to be happy in that place technically, even though I continue to practice and try and improve.
Oh yeah, one more thing. I'm almost done my brush book. I'll keep you posted.