Friday, December 23, 2022

Ted's Warren Commission Jazz Bistro Dec. 6

Here's the first set from a recent performance Ted's Warren Commission did at the Jazz Bistro. Happy Holidays everyone! 

….And Because I'm still trying to make a hit out of this thing, back by NOT popular demand, The LEANING TOWER OF TREE ZA!

Monday, December 19, 2022

Podcast interview: Suicide Zen Forgiveness

About a year ago I gave an interview to host Elaine Lindsay on her Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast. I thought this might be a good time to post this. It can be a very hard time of year for those who struggle due to suicides in their family or their own suicidal thoughts. In the interview I discussed my sister's suicide in summer 1991 and its effect on me and my family.  I am currently aiming to be more forthcoming about my family's history of mental health challenges, as well as my own. We have to end the shame and stigmatization about this! Finally, if you need to talk to someone, help is available. 

Please enjoy your holidays and let's take care of each other……..

Monday, December 12, 2022

More make-work brush projects….

 I think I posted this in 4/4 but here's a 3/4 brush pattern where the RH taps out the standard 3/4 ride beat and the LH slides in quintuplets , making a star shape.

One time, when I showed this to a student, he remarked, "You must have a lot of time on your hands." He wasn't wrong…… See last week's post on perspective for balance! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022


 So, the other day, I was working on playing triplets of 5 and 7 note length stickings w/ my right foot playing with my right hand. I was working on this in 3/4 with hi-hat playing the Viennese waltz ( + of 1 and beat 3) thing. The actual idea I was working on isn't important. What's important is I started thinking about this tune after the practice session…..


While it's true Don Henley's performance here won't get him invited to any drum festivals, I WOULD VIEW THAT AS A POSITIVE! As someone who has had to work very hard to play on the back of the beat and leave space, this is some serious drum concept! If you don't think it is, try playing along with it!

So, this is a good reminder for me about the beauty of simplicity and eloquence! Thank you Mr. Henley.

Also, if the video gets taken down later ( Eagles tend to be a particularly litigious bird) look up "I Can't Tell You Why" by the Eagles off of "The Long Run". An album that simply hasn't gotten its due because it was preceded by "Hotel California".  Have fun and see you soon.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Tomorrow Night! (Dec. 6th!) The Triumphant Telltale Tremendous Tones of Ted's Warren Commission

 NOTE: Just because I said it was triumphant, it doesn't necessarily mean we'll play any Triumph tunes. (although anything is possible.)

Okay! The deets….


Tuesday Dec. 6th, 8PM

Jazz Bistro, 251 Victoria St., Toronto


Allison Au- Alto (Obviously an "A" student)

Ted Quinlan- Guitar (With many Quinlans of pedals)

Mike Downes- Bass (From the land of K-Tel and Pic-a-Pop)

Ted Warren-  Traps (All kinds) 

C'mon out and avoid Holiday Shopping (Unless you're shopping for an earful of delight!)