Wednesday, December 7, 2022


 So, the other day, I was working on playing triplets of 5 and 7 note length stickings w/ my right foot playing with my right hand. I was working on this in 3/4 with hi-hat playing the Viennese waltz ( + of 1 and beat 3) thing. The actual idea I was working on isn't important. What's important is I started thinking about this tune after the practice session…..


While it's true Don Henley's performance here won't get him invited to any drum festivals, I WOULD VIEW THAT AS A POSITIVE! As someone who has had to work very hard to play on the back of the beat and leave space, this is some serious drum concept! If you don't think it is, try playing along with it!

So, this is a good reminder for me about the beauty of simplicity and eloquence! Thank you Mr. Henley.

Also, if the video gets taken down later ( Eagles tend to be a particularly litigious bird) look up "I Can't Tell You Why" by the Eagles off of "The Long Run". An album that simply hasn't gotten its due because it was preceded by "Hotel California".  Have fun and see you soon.

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