Monday, July 23, 2018

The Death of Taste

Hey everyone! It's time for yet another rant. I apologize for being overly dramatic, but I wanted to get your attention!

I was recently at a spot practicing and a band came in to rehearse. They had it booked so I moved. No problem, fair is fair. After I had practiced some more, i went to leave, but listened outside the space for a while. It's hard to describe what I heard, but some sort of '70s Czechoslovakian Circus Wedding comes to mind!
Now,  I'm sure the leader of this band had some concept in mind, but I have my doubts how much experience that concept was based on.

Which brings me to my main point, the subject of taste. Generally, when we are younger, a lot of our musical ideas are not fully formed and are based on superficial concepts. Our musical values and aesthetic usually aren't fully formed at the beginning of our musical journey.

So, how do we develop theses musical values?


In some of the situations I meet younger players in,  I'm shocked at how little music they listen to. Not just various styles, not just players on their own instrument, but anything!!!!!
It takes a long time to develop ones musical appetites, and those will change over time as well.
Read any interviews or check out social media on any of your favourite players. Yes, they may had practiced a lot ( that's a given ) but most of them listen to TONS of music. And we're talking about concentrated listening here, not "hit shuffle and I'll let it wash over me".

So, really listen to some music today and your musicianship will improve almost minute by minute!

Here's an example of a great musician who always mixes all his influences in an interesting and creative way...Dan Weiss and his new band Starebaby.