Friday, December 31, 2021

There Will Never Be Another You

In another one of those "you never know when you're being filmed nowadays so give it your all" moments, someone shot this video of "There Will Never Be Another You" from a recent trio gig I did at The Black Bear Pub with Kirk MacDonald, Roberto Occhipinti, and sitting in, Andrew McNash. I like this because the arrangement develops as we go (i.e. The drum solo after the head was decided on collectively, and the back and forth between Sax/Drums and Bass/Trumpet was just something that Kirk thought of in the moment.)

This is really what these sort of "pick-up" gigs are like. Ironically, I don't generally play with any of these people that often,  but as long as one knows the repertoire and listens, everything usually works out.

So, Happy New Year and let's hear it for a much improved 2022! :) 

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Yuletide Grab Bag!

Here's a few things that cam up recently so consider them an early gift from me to you.
First,  the always energetic Stanton Moore offers some tips on how to practice while on the road. yes, I realize that many of us aren't traveling much lately, but there's some good advice here for when we are working more.

Next is a tune of mine (Maximum) written for Max Roach and performed by my new band, Camera Pigeons. The volume is a little low on this so either crank your computer or use headphones…..

And here's a fun version of a Christmas tune I did with some friends. If I'd known they were going to use the video I would have worn a Santa hat to go with my red shirt! Oh well, next year……

And finally, here is my (by my own deluded opinion) classic holiday tune, "The Leaning Tower of Treeza"! 

This is going to be the year this song really catches on! I can feel it……...

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Brush flam ideas

Here's an older video I made regarding different applications of my brush flam concept. Please note: the choice of drum heads is by the studio I was practicing in then and does not reflect my current relationship with Attack heads, whom I work with and are always my first choice on my personal instruments. I also encourage everyone to install them on drums I am renting/practicing on. Thanks.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Lead Voice Uptempo Swing Ideas

 This is a concept that helped my playing in terms of loosening up faster tempos. Hopefully, you'll find it helpful too.

Monday, December 13, 2021

12/8 Hand/Foot Ideas

 Hello all,

Here's some ideas using 12/8 patterns. In the hands, and then the feet.

And here's the 12/8 foot, 5-beat idea in hands written out, which was the only way I could learn it! :) 

These aren't perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. The feel is a bit on top for my taste and I can't play it many times yet without it crashing and burning, but that's what the practice room is for. Happy trails…...

Sunday, December 12, 2021

What Anthony Said (for Tony Williams)

Happy birthday and thank you, for everything………...

Friday, December 10, 2021

The unstoppable Cuphead!

Happy Friday everyone!
I thought I would share this preview of the music from the latest version of the game "Cuphead" (due to be released this June. I first got involved with my only game soundtrack credit (so far) through percussionist and fellow Regina Saskatchewan native Kris Madigan, who wrote all the music. It's so much fun to hear this because we recorded it all separately, due to COVID concerns.

In addition, it's very cool to be involved in something that has reached so many people. Gamers are a very loyal lot, and they have embraced the soundtrack as much as the game itself! For someone who mainly plays, writes , and records Jazz, it's amazing to be on a recording this many people like! :) 
Finally, it's heartening to be involved in something where EVERYONE involved went for quality rather than take any shortcuts. Well done all. :) 

Monday, December 6, 2021

Camera Pigeons at the Rex!


More articulation exercises

Hey all,
As part of my continuing obsession with HOW one plays just as much as WHAT and WHY one plays, I was working on some buzz and dead stroke ideas and recorded them.
This first one is using a buzz stroke quarter note along with 2  regular 8th notes to get a quasi-guiro type vibe. The LH is just playing backbeats and the BD is doing a Bo Diddley beat…..

Next, we're simply moving dead strokes around, alternating between playing them w/ the RH, LH, and BD, while maintaining a simple Rock beat…

And finally, this isn't really about articulation but fun nevertheless. It's a straight Rock beat with the hands and a quasi-shuffle off of the dotted quarter note with the feet…..

Keep practicing, keep listening, keep creating beauty! 

Friday, December 3, 2021

Episode 62: Live From My Drum Room - The Beatles "Get Back" Ringo's Cymb...

Warning: NERD ALERT! 

Not that John DeChristopher, Dave Mattacks, or again of the great panelists from this great discussion of Ringo and his gear on the "Get Back" sessions are nerds, far from it. I would say, however, this is for serious students of the Beatles and Ringo! Fascinating.

I will also say, in closing, that despite all the analysis of Mr. Starkey's instruments, the greatest instrument, of course, is Ringo himself. :) 

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Lesson 5: Creating a narrative

Hi all,
This is the 5th in my series of online lesson modules, offered here as a free sample. I also cover such subjects as Odd Groupings, Melodic soloing and timekeeping, and more are being created all the time! Please message me here or email for details and pricing.