Saturday, December 25, 2021

Yuletide Grab Bag!

Here's a few things that cam up recently so consider them an early gift from me to you.
First,  the always energetic Stanton Moore offers some tips on how to practice while on the road. yes, I realize that many of us aren't traveling much lately, but there's some good advice here for when we are working more.

Next is a tune of mine (Maximum) written for Max Roach and performed by my new band, Camera Pigeons. The volume is a little low on this so either crank your computer or use headphones…..

And here's a fun version of a Christmas tune I did with some friends. If I'd known they were going to use the video I would have worn a Santa hat to go with my red shirt! Oh well, next year……

And finally, here is my (by my own deluded opinion) classic holiday tune, "The Leaning Tower of Treeza"! 

This is going to be the year this song really catches on! I can feel it……...

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