Friday, December 10, 2021

The unstoppable Cuphead!

Happy Friday everyone!
I thought I would share this preview of the music from the latest version of the game "Cuphead" (due to be released this June. I first got involved with my only game soundtrack credit (so far) through percussionist and fellow Regina Saskatchewan native Kris Madigan, who wrote all the music. It's so much fun to hear this because we recorded it all separately, due to COVID concerns.

In addition, it's very cool to be involved in something that has reached so many people. Gamers are a very loyal lot, and they have embraced the soundtrack as much as the game itself! For someone who mainly plays, writes , and records Jazz, it's amazing to be on a recording this many people like! :) 
Finally, it's heartening to be involved in something where EVERYONE involved went for quality rather than take any shortcuts. Well done all. :) 

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