Friday, December 31, 2021

There Will Never Be Another You

In another one of those "you never know when you're being filmed nowadays so give it your all" moments, someone shot this video of "There Will Never Be Another You" from a recent trio gig I did at The Black Bear Pub with Kirk MacDonald, Roberto Occhipinti, and sitting in, Andrew McNash. I like this because the arrangement develops as we go (i.e. The drum solo after the head was decided on collectively, and the back and forth between Sax/Drums and Bass/Trumpet was just something that Kirk thought of in the moment.)

This is really what these sort of "pick-up" gigs are like. Ironically, I don't generally play with any of these people that often,  but as long as one knows the repertoire and listens, everything usually works out.

So, Happy New Year and let's hear it for a much improved 2022! :) 

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