Monday, December 6, 2021

More articulation exercises

Hey all,
As part of my continuing obsession with HOW one plays just as much as WHAT and WHY one plays, I was working on some buzz and dead stroke ideas and recorded them.
This first one is using a buzz stroke quarter note along with 2  regular 8th notes to get a quasi-guiro type vibe. The LH is just playing backbeats and the BD is doing a Bo Diddley beat…..

Next, we're simply moving dead strokes around, alternating between playing them w/ the RH, LH, and BD, while maintaining a simple Rock beat…

And finally, this isn't really about articulation but fun nevertheless. It's a straight Rock beat with the hands and a quasi-shuffle off of the dotted quarter note with the feet…..

Keep practicing, keep listening, keep creating beauty! 

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