Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Q. Who's the great drummer on the recording? A. You!

I wanted to quickly talk about practicing with drummerless recordings. I have found it very beneficial to play along with recordings where I don't have another drummer's musical information coming at me. I can approach the music any way I want to, and can even try interpreting a song several ways. I have listed a few recordings I have enjoyed working with and learning from. Note that these cover a wide variety of styles, and some of them aren't even music with a constant pulse. Playing along with the Bartok string quartets has been great for my rubato playing. Enjoy!

Angel Song-Kenny Wheeler
Le Noise-Neil Young
Bartok String Quartets-Emerson String Quartet
Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio-Oscar Peterson
This One's For Blanton-Duke Ellington
Duologue 1 and 2- Mike Murley and David Occhipinti

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