Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swiss Triplet Brushes

Hi-ho (as kermit the Frog would say). Today I've got a little brush thing that I'm digging lately.
It looks like this:
I haven't labeled which hand is which because I think it's good to be able to play this off ether hand. To start with well play the first 2 strokes of the triplet with the right hand. Play the first stroke as a dead stroke and stop the movement of the brush, then for the second stroke keep your hand on the drum and sweep away from yourself, using as much of the brush surface as possible. Finally, tap the 3rd triplet with your left hand. To play this lefty, reverse the above instructions.
Here's some video of the lick, both righty and lefty, and then playing it as triplet doubles. I promise I'll get a stand for my camera soon so I can do this at the drum set.

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