Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Unsung Heroes!

Hey all,
I thought that I would mention two musicians that I feel deserve more attention. One I know quite well, one I never met and is no longer with us.
The former is the great Montreal based drummer/pianist/recording engineer/ teacher Andre White. Andre was the first real full time jazz musician that I had any sort of ongoing relationship with. I met him in Montreal in the late '80s and he influenced me a lot. He was the first one I knew who'd actually played with some of the American players (Pepper Adams, amongst others), he had a boatload of records that he knew inside out, and he grew up with the music. (His father, keith, played piano with Charlie Parker and was friends with Bill Evans.) I won't repeat Jon McCaslin's great interview but you can find it at Four On The Floor. Definitely check him out, he's a great imaginative, inspiring player and he's just put out a new cd.

The other player I's like to mention is J.C. Moses. He played with Kenny Dorham and Eric Dolphy but I'd like to post him playing with Archie Shepp from a great recording entitled "Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary Five" and the tune is called "Trio". Enjoy!

If anybody has video of Mr. Moses parting the red seas of sound ( sorry, I'm tired), please let me know!

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