Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A short rant

Remember folks, the opinions expressed etc.......
Sorry about the camerawork, maybe I should get a rubber Q3 to practice on! Plus I got a trumpet and trombone confused (who wouldn't?)


  1. Sound dictating technique, well said! I sometimes have to resort to practice pad because of my living situation. I have the same problem with electronic drums, people who play on them to much don't develop and touch, especially on the ride cymbal.

  2. Hey Ted,

    Great post. I agree. At the end of the day your sound is king.

    However, sometimes the reality of one's living situation (neighbors, roommates, etc.) dictates otherwise and practice pads become a necessity.

    Besides, sometimes it's just fun to sit in front of the TV watching reruns of M*A*S*H while playing through the rudiment ritual on the practice pad and sitting on the couch. Apparently that's what Jack did! (although I'm not sure it was M*A*S*H he watched...I see him as more of a Law & Order kind of guy)

    But I totally agree that drumming and the SOUND you are getting out of the instrument should go hand in hand.

    You know Ted, several people I knew during my time in Montreal used to rave about your ability to play so quietly and how you used to practice quietly at home despite neighbors, roommates, pet iguanas, etc. (okay I added the part about the iguana...) and that no one ever complained!
    (not even the iguana)

    How about a lesson on how to practice quietly?

    Sounds simple enough, but in reality... : )

  3. Thanks for the comments Andrew and Jon. Definitely there's a practical reality to sometimes using pads and I understand that. That's a good suggestion Jon about quiet practice and I will address that soon....
    Again, thanks so much for the comments gentlemen!