Monday, December 19, 2011

3 Elvin Ideas

I just did my piano gig last night so I'm hoping I'll have a little more time to post. although this season is usually busy around our house.
I thought I'd post 3 Elvin ideas.
First here's the source. I love all of Wayne Shorter's music, but I have a particular fondness for his 60s era Blue Note albums and "Night Dreamer" displays Mr. Elvin Ray Jones at the top of his form. Here he is on "Oriental Folk Song":

While I was talking to somebody about the feel, I noticed some voicings on the drums I particularly liked. (They all occur on the in head.) Now, I could have picked any bar of this and they would have been just as great. That's the thing about someone of Elvin's greatness. There's always more!
Here are the 3 ideas:

Here's me loosely playing around with these ideas.

...And here's using this stuff with more of a 2 feel on the cymbal.....

If I don't post again in the next week, Happy Holidays!

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