Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another unsung hero!

Check out this footage of Victor Feldman's trio playing in '65. The drummer is Ronnie Stephenson. There has been a lot of talk about Jazz lately and what it means, and who it belongs to . (More on that in a coming post.) Certainly no one would disagree that Jazz was initially an African American music, and the many innovative people who pioneered the music never got the credit they deserved. Like much art in the 20th century, however, mass communication allowed people from all over the globe to discover and begin playing Jazz. In some circles, one is lead to believe that no one outside of the states can really play this music. This clip certainly shows the quality of playing that was going on in England, as there still is today.

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  1. The bassist on this, Rick Laird - who later played with the Mahavishnu Orchestra - was irish. So this post is even more proof of the international sweep of jazz!