Friday, June 22, 2012


.....A perfect time for a Block Party! So, here's Ted Quinlan's quartet playing his tune "Block Party" at a recent gig at the Rex.
Interestingly enough I felt like I was really struggling this particular gig. Some of the issues coming up were:
1)  A generally bad feeling about my playing in general.
2) The Rex drum throne was giving me grief so I had to sit way lower than normal.
3) It was so hot in the club I thought I was going to pass out a couple of times.

I don't mention this to air out all my neurosis in public but just to state this is stuff we all go through. Relationships are complicated and music has a lot to do with our relationship to ourselves. These things ebb and flow, and right now I am back feeling more positive and excited about music than ever. Also when I listen and watch the video now I go, "that sounds pretty good" because even with a week away from that performance I can look at it more objectively.

Let's all be kind and gentle with ourselves.

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