Thursday, September 6, 2012

Solo gig

This may be a post only a (my) mother could love.
I played a solo gig at Knox church here in Guelph and decided to film it.
I used to play solo gigs in Montreal in the early 90s but this one was different for me because:

It was completely improvised.
I played continuously for the length of the concert.
It was a concert rather than a club setting.

I had a great time. The crowd was small but mighty, with a diverse age demographic, and they seemed to enjoy it.

Anyway, here it is......

It's continuing to be an exciting week. I'm also playing at Gallery 345, then at the Guelph Jazz Festival, and finally the Jazz room with Jerry Bergonzi so if I manage to record any of that, you'll be subjected to more of my ego trips!

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