Friday, April 29, 2016

2 new brush patterns

Here's a couple of new brush patterns. You know, being devil's advocate, I will ask the question someone of might pose to me, mainly "Why do you have so many brush patterns that are variations on the basic Jazz ride cymbal beat?" Ah, Ted. Excellent question. I will answer by reminiscing about my time in Montreal, studying at McGill, many moons ago. I was fortunate to see a gallery exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions, created from his original blueprints. What I saw was devices like a pulley system to draw water. The fascinating thing was though, he didn't design just one pulley, he would create blueprints for TWELVE pulleys all that served the same function, but with tiny variations. He obviously didn't need to do that, he was just working out all the possibilities. Let me be clear, I'm not comparing myself to Da Vinci, just recognizing creative thinking. Paul DeLong's drum books employ the same " Here's the first way of doing this, now here's 20 variations" type of thinking.. If you employ this sort of thinking in your practice, it will bleed into your performing as well.
 Anyway, on to the patterns.  The first pattern is called "Rattlesnakes 2" and has the hands alternating quarter note trill/vibrato strokes (which you can play around with the speed of) and the right hand tapping the skip beat.

In the second pattern, we're doing the same thing on the downbeats but we're staying on the drum the whole time and on the skip beat,  we run then brush over the other, as we have done in the "Brush flam" patterns. Enjoy!

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