Monday, May 15, 2017

Buddy Rich on practice pads

Ha! Another rant! (I blame it on Trump).
Anyway, those of you who have followed the blog know I'm not a fan of practice pads. Buddy Rich seems to agree with me! I have included a small excerpt from a Charley Perry interview with Mr. Rich that Scott K. Fish posted on his excellent Life Beyond the Cymbals blog.
It's unfortunate more players don't listen to the wisdom in many things Buddy mentions. In other words, do as he says, not as he does!

Buddy Rich: What are you going to use on the job, a pad or a snare drum? A snare drum of course! Then why strive to adjust to the response and sound of a practice pad, when you must then readjust to the characteristics of a snare drum? [SKF NOTE: Charlie Perry deleted Buddy’s word “strive,” and replaced it with the word “bother.”]

A snare drum has “sound” – tone. You can work with pitch and duration. These qualities are missing in a pad.

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