Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cymbal blow out! NEW NEW PRICES!

Sorry folks, this post is about commerce. Pure and cymbal! ( Ha! Typo, and I'm keeping it.) I currently own too much metal and have obtained enough old K. Zildjians to keep me happy for the rest of my existence! ( I currently do not endorse any brand of cymbals.) So I'm posting some video of the suspects in question, along with prices. ( In Canadian dollars). All reasonable offers will be considered. The videos are in the order that the cymbals are listed. If shipping is required, I'll look that up and add it to your total. Any questions? Put them in the comments section, email me at twarren@gto.net, or find me on Facebook or Twitter

For Sale: 20" Zildjian K. Constantinople Medium Thin ( High ) - $350 (Sold)

Murat Diril Renaissance 22" Prototype Ride- $250

Murat Diril 18" China Type Renaissance Light- $200 ( Sold)

Murat Diril 20" Renaissance Light Ride- $200

14" Murat Diril Renaissance Regular Hi-Hats- $200

14" Murat Diril Renaissance Dark Hi-Hats- $200

Also selling some Tamburo drums. Italian made. 10",12"14" toms. 18" bass drum. Black. $600

Here they are in action....

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