Saturday, February 3, 2018

Duo Percussion

One of the great perks ( percs? Ha! ) of teaching at University of Guelph every Thursday is that at noon, an hour before I teach,  the music department hosts a free concert. It's a great chance for me to check out music that i haven't heard before, and this week's concert was truly exceptional. The featured ensemble was Duo Percussion, a ( you guessed it ) percussion duo featuring Brennan Connolly and Dave Robilliard. Both are musicians from Ontario. They played beautifully and had a wonderfully varied program, mainly moving from non-pitched percussion and vibraphone/marimba pieces.

Here they are playing " Conversation For Two Tambourines " by Bobby Lopez

Wow! So much music in those little instruments.
Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see these guys play, definitely do it. As a purely " drum set guy" I have no limit of respect for percussionists. Maybe I can do a " inside the drummer's studio " post with them sometime and I can find out how one simultaneously keeps one's chops up on instruments as completely different as marimba and tambourine.

Btw, I am getting no kickback from featuring these great musicians, although if they ever wanted to give me a tambourine lesson sometime, I wouldn't refuse!

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