Friday, May 18, 2018

Digging Deeper

Hi all,
'The cymbals and drums are still for sale so check out the previous post if you're interested.

Okay, I wanted to hip you to a series of videos that have helped me a lot with filling in my harmonic knowledge. Drummers, especially formally educated ones, have a bit of a conundrum in regard to chords and scales. In my case, I have been given a TON of harmonic information but, without a place to use it in a practical way, it's remained pretty nebulous. My friend Jeff Antoniuk has a great series on Youtube entitled " Digging Deeper " that goes step-by-step through many concepts of playing on changes, scales, etc. This series has been invaluable as I'm slowly getting involved in the determinate pitch/harmonic universe. I've posted the first few videos in the series below...

As you can see, the information is well presented in bite-size chunks and delivered with the sort of self-effacing humour that could only come from a Canadian!

So, I highly recommend this series, especially to all drummers that are beginning to grapple with harmony in an active way. ( Please note, I am receiving  no kickback from Jeff from this post. Although, if he decided he wanted to send some AMERICAN greenbacks my way, I wouldn't be offended! )

Now work on your scales!

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