Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Jimmy Lovelace idea

Quick post today of a 3/4 idea from the almost criminally under appreciated drummer, Jimmy Lovelace. This is from a live version of "Full House" from the recently released Wes Montgomery in Paris album.

Although Mr. Lovelace starts Wes' solo in a fairly conventional swing 3 feel, he starts weaving in and out of the idea above during the 2nd chorus. One of the cool things about it is that although it's a metric modulation that makes it sound like he's playing a solo swing 4, it resolves to the + of 3 and leaves out beat 1 once it gets started, giving it an extra snake-y feeling. I can't tell if he's playing bass drum at the end of the phrase or not so try it both ways.  Check it out....

It certainly doesn't seem to disturb the flow of the rest of the band at all, so I suspect he had done this before. All of Wes' band has a very interesting ability to react to what was going on in Jazz in the 60s with modal playing etc., and adapt it too their own purposes.

Now, we can all learn it and adapt it to our own purposes! Thanks. :)

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