Friday, June 7, 2019

RIP John Sumner and "That Thing"

Sad news out of Toronto this week. Veteran Jazz drummer John Sumner has passed. John was one of the many great older generation of drummers I checked out when I got to T.O. Here he is playing in Mark Eisenman's band.

This rhythm section, Eisenman-piano, Steve Wallace- bass, and John Sumner on drums played together A LOT. That trio had a definite "thing" like no one else. That's what happens in this music when you log so many hours together with simpatico spirits. I was reminded upon Mr. Sumner's passing that we don't have that thing anymore ( at least in the live sense ) and my sadness about this was mitigated by the fact that I heard it in the first place. RIP John Sumner, and thank you for the music.


  1. Condolences to his family, sorry to hear. God Bless R I P

  2. One of dearest men on the planet. A kind, empathetic, humble genius. God rest your soul, dear friend. My life is so much better for you having been in it.