Friday, October 11, 2019


What is this, looking like the proverbial dog's breakfast? Just some stuff i was working on the other day. Let me try and explain. In the top left corner is a 12/8 beat written out between the hands and the RH plays the bell pattern and the LH fills in the rest of the triplets. The rest of the page are possible BD/HH patterns to play with it. On the top right side of the page is an unrelated idea of playing the last 3 16ths of every beat with LH on open snare then the next 2 strokes w/ RH playing a stick shot. ( RH on left stick ) with a salsa BD pattern and a 3 16th note HH pattern.
I KNOW this is super hard to read, but that's good for us to do sometimes.
I'll leave the final word on this to BartholeMEW MURRay Warren. Bart, what do you think?

Scraps? More like CRAPS! Now, don't bother me! I was napping!!!!

Well, there you have it. Everyone's a critic! Until next time......

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