Monday, December 28, 2020

What I learned from Sugar Rush

 Like a lot of people in these crazy times, I have spent a fair amount of time watching Netflix lately. (Hey! You can't practice ALL the time!) Anyway, one of the shows my wife hipped me to is "Sugar Rush", a baking contest show. I gradually got into it, which is doubly ironic since I've hardly ever baked and haven't eaten anything with refined sugar in it since last April! 

                 Whoa! Keep this SUGARy cake away from Ted or he'll really start RUSHing!

Anyway, I started thinking about how baking, like music, and many other pursuits that were invented before the start of the current century, are not instantly gratifying or can be learned overnight. Baking, like music, requires a lot of trial and error and one won't be successful with every outing. However, the failures seem to be what teach the practitioners the most! Also common to both disciplines is that knowledge, experience, and an ability to grapple with any eventuality is something that develops over time. There do not seem to be any shortcuts, and patience is an important requirement. 
Apparently, instrument sales and rentals have greatly increased since the COVID lockdown. it is my sincere wish that people starting to play be patient and enjoy the learning process. If one sticks with it, there are so many rewards! Or you could stick with baking and have tasty things to offer friends and family. Let's hope that soon will all be singing this song, a la Ernie! 

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