Friday, June 11, 2021

The music is where the music is

 Hi folks,

It must be all the time off, but I find myself extra rant-y these days. Today is no exception. I continue to be bombarded with warm-ups, chop builders, practice pad etudes, etc. I think it's important to stress that all this-physical-functioning-at-the-instrument is just a MINOR part of what we do!

We absolutely need to

-be able to read music

-know forms and melodies of many tunes

-be able to interpret and memorize new compositions quickly

-listen deeply, not only to the other musicians around you, but yourself as well

-have a sound that you desire, and not just play any old way (see above)

-be able to shape a band's sound and vibe with our playing

-groove, in every sense ( this includes rubato music)

There are so many people out there that constantly play at one dynamic, or one style, or always play the same stuff behind a soloist. Do yourself a favour. learn a standard tune ( if it's a great American Songbook tune, learn the lyrics as well ) and CREATIVELY apply it to something you want to do on the drumset. Making exercises out of drum books is okay, but it really is then just taking you a step further away from the music.

Thanks, and happy musicality!

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