Monday, January 10, 2022

As promised...

 Here's what I was working on the other week when I made the post justifying that I was working on it! 

First is a RLRLRLR 7 beat sticking, going between the small tom and crosstick with the Tumbao BD and half note LF. I'm thinking about it in 4/4. In fact I'm singing "Blue Bossa" to myself while I'm playing….

Next I'll playing a 7 beat figure between my ST., snare and bass drum, while playing a 3 beat figure I've been playing SINCE HIGH SCHOOL in the RH/LF. I'n still thinking in 4/4 though, and relating it all to a 12 bar Blues internally.

In closing, I remember seeing Steve Smith do a clinic and someone asked him how he prioritized his practicing. His response was "If you're playing with a band on the weekend and they're playing Brick House, learn how to play Brick House."

Hoping your practicing is mighty-mighty, and you're just letting it all hang out! :) 

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