Monday, January 23, 2023

Extended Brush Technique

 Really the title of this post is just a swanky way of categorizing a brush technique where the brush is "rolled" on the drum with the palm of the hand. I've used this idea before but I'm trying to put it in a few more contexts, as shown below……

1. This is a beat with the RH rolling the brush and the LH playing the skip beat of the standard jazz ride rhythm in a clockwise circle.

2. In this example I'm rolling the LH brush (sorry it's difficult to see) on the skip beat and alternating that with "Buzzing" the LH off the rim. RH circles quarter notes clockwise.

3. Here I'm playing a sort of Samba (w/ varying bd parts) and rolling the LH on the +s of 1 & 3.

4. Finally I'm rolling both hands (sorry the floor tom is out of view) to the melody of "C Jam Blues".

Just keep in mind it's an important step in developing techniques that we find practical places to use them. Have fun! 

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