Monday, May 29, 2023

More Swiss Army!


You're in luck! I haven't figured how to post longer videos on my Patreon yet, so it will be posted here as a freebie, for now. Let's face it. The old lRRL sticking IS as useful as the knife in the pictire! ! 
While experimenting in the practice room, I came up with 2 voicing around the toms utilizing this very adaptable rudiment. In the video I start with the feet playing a Bossa pattern, then play the RH Swiss Army Triplets in 8th notes. I then play the rudiment with the initial grace note on the snare with the left hand, the right hand starts on the floor tom and does a broken double to play the next note on the snare and finally the LH moves to play the last note on the small tom. In the second example the RH stays the same but the LH plays the grace note on the small tom and the last note on the snare. Have fun with it. Music is SUPPOSED to be fun! :) 

Sorry about the ghostly low tom! 

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