Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Victor Lewis

Hello folks,
I found out about an unfortunate incident that happened to drumming legend Victor Lewis near his home in Manhattan, New York.
He posted this explanation on his FB site.

I was "shoved" out of the way by two rowdy 20-something-ish guys probably leaving a local disco who were running to or from something. I guess I was in their way! It was early Friday morning before the sun came up and during the heavy ice and snow storm so I could not save my footing and I hit the ground.

I have a compound fracture in my right shoulder - from trying to break my fall - and the doctor says no drums for 2 months but I can still teach. Oh well . . . !

Let's all send positive and healing thoughts to this great artist who has inspired us all with his great music. The music world needs visionaries like him.

There are many great examples of his playing, but I've always loved his work with Woody Shaw.
Here's an example:

...And here he shares some insights.

Get well soon Victor!

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