Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bomham (Again!)

Just a quick post of John Bonham playing with Led Zep at Knebworth shortly before his untimely death. When I was younger I liked some of the Zeppelin I heard, but really didn't appreciate many things about John Henry's playing. Things I ignored were 1) His awesome drum sound. It's interesting, you can find footage of him playing drums made of wood, fiberglass (Ludwig Vistalites), and even drums with a stainless steel outer shells, and it doesn't make any difference. He always has this great, big, bottomy, sound. It always sounded to me like his sticks and drum pedals were made of bricks or something. Killing! 2) His great back-of-the-beat, very majestic playing. The man is in no hurry, and it feels amazing.

No, this isn't Jazz, I guess. Just great music and great playing. The tune is "10 years Gone". Enjoy!

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