Saturday, April 21, 2012

More 3rd Stream fun!

Hey all,
It's been a crazy week, with the untimely death of Levon Helm as well as I was working some gigs with John Tank's band. I will post some more about what Mr. Helm's work meant to me but I thought I would finally get around to talking a little bit about what I did last week.

I got to play some gigs and do some rehearsals with the Hannaford Street Silver Band with special guest trumpeter (and old friend) Jens Lindemann. Now I got to play with Hannaford some years back with Australian multi-instrumentalist James Morrison and that was great fun, but this time there was a huge percussion section as well. The great players that were assembled were: Richard Moore, John Brownell, Lorne Grossman, Kris Maddigan, and another great old friend, Mark Mazur. They played the music so well and were so inspiring to listen to. I even got to play a bit of bass drum and tam-tam in rehearsals. Also, we had great tuba player Patrick Sheridan conducting us, so it was a real pleasure, even though it was very challenging music.

This is one of the pieces they played (done by the Black Dike Brass Band) called Extreme Makeover. Check it out! Very modern Brass band writing.

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