Thursday, May 24, 2012

Contrary Motion Studies

Arrrgh! I won't be able to post any personal video because I think I fried my Q3 and I don't know when I'll be flush enough to get a new one. So we're back to notation for awhile folks. Sorry.....

Anyway, this stuff was inspired by Terry O'Mahoney's Contrary Motion/Changing Meters exercise on the PAS website. Check it out. It was originally for tympani and is just as challenging on drumset.

My 2 examples are a little easier because I'm not dealing with 2 meters. It's just triplets in both hands and the R.H is going between ride cymbal and small tom while the left is going between hi-hat and snare. The real snarl is that one hand is alternating the the triplets between surfaces every stroke, while the other hand plays a shuffle on one surface and only moves for the middle triplet.

Assign any foot pattern you like and have fun!

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