Monday, May 28, 2012

Freddie Crump

Hey all I found this footage of Freddie Crump on Mike Terrani's excellent Music For Drummers blog.
I think it's very easy to try to limit the history of the trap drum set down to a half a dozen people, but that doesn't do justice to the many talented people who helped advance the instrument. Mr. Freddie Crump is a great example. Check out the clip from 1929 on Mike's blog and be amazed. It's also interesting to note how much showmanship was involved, even at this early date, and how it's a part of the instrument's history too. (Although for  some African-Americans, this did have more far reaching negative implications.) Mr. Crump makes Papa Jo, no stranger to showmanship himself, look like a librarian!

It's also worth noting that these early drummers figured out all this stuff for themselves on a relatively new instrument!

Sorry about the relative scarcity and lame-ity of the posts, but between designing my course, gigs, and no Q3, that's how it's been. It will improve soon. Thanks!

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