Monday, January 19, 2015

More compound rudiments

Today I'd like to talk briefly about something I was working on the other day. It involves playing a paradiddle (RLRR LRLL) and putting a deadstroke (pushing the stick into the drumhead) at the beginning of each side of the paradiddle. In other words, if I capitalize only the deadstrokes, it would be Rlrr Lrll. This sounds good divided between two toms because we can really hear the pitch difference between the dead and regular strokes or it's cool to have one hand on a cymbal because we get a dramatic difference between the muted and unmuted sounds. Experiment with where you're putting your hands. Also, we can put the deadstroke on the 2nd note of the paradiddle or the last double of each side. rLrr lRll or rlRR lrLL. When I was working on this, I didn't bother separating the doubles between dead and regular strokes. I'll leave some of you young geniuses to work that out. :)

There we have it. Deadadiddles (sorry, that's sort of a morose name!)

Have fun!

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