Sunday, February 16, 2020

Happy 10th and Rumours ( Not Fleetwood Mac Though! )

 NOTE: I have kept the earlier post I posted then removed intact. As far as I can tell, Jon Christensen is still among us. I heard a rumour he is currently unable to play, but, well, rumours are what got me in this situation to begin with! I do have some footage of him playing in 2018 (see below) and he certainly sounds great in it! Whatever his current state is we wish him joy, health and happiness…..

Happy 10th Anniversary to us! 

It's hard to believe I began this blog a decade ago. I have been through massive changes in my playing, teaching, and life and I suspect things will continue to evolve. I appreciate all of you who have been on any part of this journey for me. Thanks so much!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a rumour got started that the great European drummer Jon Christensen had died. This thankfully turned out to be untrue and I thought I would use this opportunity to celebrate Mr. Christensen's contributions to music! Here's some of the latest footage I found of him, for only 2 years ago, he certainly looks and sounds great here!

I woke up to today to the news that, as well as great celebrated keyboard Lyle Mays leaving us, that great European drummer Jon Christensen has died. ( This news about Christensen has now been proven false.) This hits very hard for me. Christensen was a massive influence, first with Keith Jarret's European Quartet, but also with the many recordings he made for Manfred Eicher's label. For me, he and DeJohnette epitomized the ECM drum sound and approach, and because Christensen did in a less obviously virtuosic way, it was easier for me to get into as a young player. On one particular Bobo Stenson recording I had on cassette, I remember thinking his drums sounded like a rainstorm, but the drops of water were hitting the drums in the most beautiful way. Playing grooves or completely free, he could do it all and always sounded wonderful.

Here's some early footage of him playing with Sonny Rollins….

And here's him playing with the celebrated Jarrett quartet……

Thanks for the music Mr. Christensen, you won't be forgotten.

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