Thursday, March 26, 2020

New 5 beat over BD patterns exercises

Hi all,
Depending on your viewpoint, you could see all my posts lately as an altruistic ray of hope for my online drumming friends, or just a way fro me to keep my sanity during quarantine, or both! BTW, my online hang is still going on at 3PM everyday. ( See my previous post for details.)

Anyway, here's a five beat idea I've been playing for a long time. RLRRF, with a double stop on the last R w/ the LH playing the open H.H. and then closing it on the 5th beat.  Then add either a Samba or Salsa style BD pattern.Confusing? Wait until you see it written out! :)
 Okay,  here's  a few videos with first the dotted quarter/8th note pattern and then the tumbao type pattern. Then the next 2 have us playing the foot part with the H.H. open, giving it much more of a  70s Tony Williams /Punk Rock vibe.

My apologies about the shaky  camera and the "Belly Cam"! :) 

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