Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Social Isolation Figure 8s

Like many musicians right now, I have had many engagements cancelled. To try and make the best of a difficult situation, I've been working on some new brush patterns involving figure 8s. The videos below are:
1) The original figure 8 in both hands balled pattern I learned from Regina drummer Barry Weafer when I was in grade 9.
2) Ride rhythm pattern in R.H. w/ left hand doing the figure 8 pattern in a quarter note triplet pulse.
3) "" " " in a JAZZ quarter note triplet pulse.
4) Same as 2) but with Afro Cuban 12/8 in R.H.
5) Same as 3) but with "" " "

Have fun. Stay safe and sane! :)

Here's 3 more using the figure 8 in the R.H. First one with figure 8 and ride rhythm R.H., quarter note circles L.H., Second one, just figure 8 in R.H. and left hand dotted quarter note circles, third one, R.H. as in first example and left hand as in second example.

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