Wednesday, July 1, 2020

If God was a Canadian, he'd be sorry!

The title is in reference to the apologetic nature of Canadians! Happy Canada Day. I am proud to be Canadian and am very grateful to be living here. I don't say that in any smug way either, because I believe that we have many of the same issues as our friends to the south, we are just fortunate to have better leadership and some of our problems are smaller. This is mainly because we have a smaller population. I sincerely hope things improve in the US, and their potential healing can be an example for us all.

Also, please check out Four On The Floor today for a special Canada Day post featuring  some of the best of this country's Jazz Drumming talent. I was very pleased to be involved, and I think it turned out great! Thanks Jon!

Here's one of the "outtakes" from my contribution to that video. Here I am playing my version of our national anthem….

And here's the Boss Brass playing "O Canada' some years ago. Maybe doing an arrangement of this song was Rob McConnell's way of making sure we got a standing ovation! :) Seriously though, Rob was a very proud Canadian.

One of my great memories of playing that chart is playing it on Canada Day.  Everyone stood up, I locked eyes with great bassist Neil Swainson in the audience from way across the tent we were in ( because he's so tall) and I tried desperately to get him to sing and him finding this incredibly funny.

Have a great and safe day everyone. Wherever you are!

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