Saturday, November 28, 2020

Rim Click/Tom LH combos

Hello drumming world. I have been thinking a lot lately about repeated comping patterns with the Left hand in a swing setting, namely rim click/tom ideas. I've often thought about these types of ideas as similar to background figures with a large ensemble, or repeated riffs with a small group. Of course, the most famous of these riffs is the "Philly click on 4" , utilized to such great effect on the Miles Davis tune, "Milestones" ( I'm not going to post it here because, if you don't own this recording already, you really should.) I've come up with some combos of my own, as shown below.

                                                                                  And here's some video of me playing the examples…….


Some brief notes. If you are going to play 4 on the bass drum in this exercise, play it MUCH softer than I did here. :) Play each example for a while, possibly while singing a standard tune to yourself and playing the example for at least a chorus. These types of ideas are only effective if you commit to them!  A couple of them I played inaccurately at first, that's why some are repeated more than 2xs. Also you'll notice that they went from 1 bar, to 2 bar, to 4 bar phrases. Don't be afraid to create longer phrase lengths with this idea. I feel it's very effective. Also notice that the last 2 examples suggest 5/4 and 7/8, respectively, even though the ride and h.h. are in 4 throughout.
Don't be afraid to come up with your own combos. Also remember that some soloists DO NOT like this sort of accompaniment, so be prepared to ditch this if they give you the hairy eyeball! :) 

As always, have fun and be good to yourself. Oh, and here's the pdf

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