Friday, November 13, 2020

Todd's Sticking plus clave

Hi folks, just a quick post showing something I've been working on lately. I really like the idea of treating RH and LF functions with the hi-hat separately, and then putting them together to see what I've come up with. In this case I've taken a RRRR LLRL sticking lifted from a recent, great  Cruise Ship Drummer post. I then played a 3:2 Rhumba Clave with my left foot while keeping the RH part of the sticking on the hi-hat as well. The bass drum part was supposed to be the tumbao, but when I pressed record on my phone, my RF did something else, and I think like it better! The next step for me will be doing this kind of thing with various bass drum ideas…..


I also wanted to pass on my congratulations to all my American friends on the recent election and hope that this is a new day dawning for your great country and that you get the democracy you so very much deserve.

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