Monday, February 21, 2022

More Slashing Flams and Dead Stroke ideas

 ….I really need to come up with catchier titles for some of these posts!

The first video is more ideas based on using my RH to hit 2 surfaces almost simultaneously with sort of a scooping/slashing motion, in 2 very contrasting beats. I also think this camera angle helps you see it better….

Next, is an idea using 2:3 clave LF/Tumbao RF with a two hands on h.h. with some of the LH on snare as dead strokes….

Okay, full disclosure. I'm not sure how many people actually see these, much less work on them , but I also am posting them as sort of a diary and reminder of things I've worked on…. Regardless, love the music and yourselves, ALWAYS! 

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