Monday, February 14, 2022

Triple Stroke Groove

Inspiration is such a cool thing. If one is open to ideas, and work with them, they lead to more ideas, and at times it seems endless what we can discover. (Note I said at times. Ha!)
Anyway, I was watching a cool IG post Dan Weiss had done about alternating Ruffs and Swiss triplets and then stumbled on to this sticking in triplets, accenting each downbeat….

After playing for a minute I realized I was doing the triple stroke roll. This was an idea I worked on a lot when I first went to university in the Precambrian era, but haven't spent much time on it lately. It's super fun to voice on the instrument in different ways like RH cymbal/LH snare, a hand on each tom, or this, which is RH hi-hat/LH snare. First I'm playing quarters with the bass drum and then I'm playing Jazz (displaced by an 8th triplet) quarter note triplets with both feet, which creates a fun open and closed thing with the hats. :) Have fun.

Also, Happy Valentine's Day. Next year I'll come up with a beat that's more romantic! :) 

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