Friday, December 10, 2010

Proud Husband!

Hey everyone,
This is a little out of the realm of our usual discourse but I just wanted to let everyone know about my wife's patent. Kate works for RIM (they make BlackBerrys) and is, frankly, quite brilliant. Anyway, if you're curious you can view the patent here.
Way to go Kate. I don't think I'll be filing any patents soon.....unless I can invent brushes that dispense bacon!


  1. Ted,
    Please continue your work on brushes that dispense bacon. I think the drum stick/brushes/bacon market is a rich one yet to be tapped!

    And congrats to your wife! I tried to read the patent...but I'm a drummer. My brain hurts now!

  2. How about a practice pad that will bake a pizza for you?