Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wear your (hi) hat proudly part 2

I was watching some of the drummers at Mohawk play in performance class today and that got me thinking of hi-hat "splashes" (playing the hi-hat with one's foot and releasing it quickly, creating a ringing tone.) One thing I think we want to do is be very aware of that sound and not to overuse it, or it will lose its effectiveness. Also, many players don't release the hi-hats all the way after the attack ( or sometimes the hi-hats are set too close together, see the earlier post on this.) and it creates a buzzing or sizzling sound between the hi-hat cymbals. This is a nice effect,. In fact, I'm working on this to give myself 2 kinds of hi-hat splash sounds. I think, however, many players haven't a) thought about the kind of splash sound they want or b) aren't listening to the sounds they're making. make sure whatever sounds are coming from the kit that they are the sounds you intend to make and not accidents. So all you hi-hat sizzlers, please work on sometimes getting a nice open sound from the hi-hats. To this end let's check the master at this, Mr. Jack DeJohnette:

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