Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess who I played with today?

I didn't have much time to practice today and wasn't feeling super motivated so I decided to play along to the first 6 tunes that came up with my BB set on random.
They were:
"Softly As In A Morning Sunrise"- Art Pepper
"Where Is the Next One Coming From"- Buddy Guy
"Strange Waters"- Bruce Cockburn
"There is Something On Your Mind"- Buddy Guy
"Bug In a Rug'- Steve Swallow
"Clamptown" - The Clash

I find this is a great way to work on making quick decisions (I would count only the first and last tune as ones I know particularly well) as well as being stylistically appropriate on each tune. I don't want to sound like Jazz drummer playing with the Clash anymore than I want to sound like a Blues drummer playing with Art Pepper. I like to think of it like acting. If someone's in a Tarantino film it's unlikely they would be speaking Shakespearian English. Play the gig, even if it's only you listening.


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