Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just a quick post today.
You know, there are a lot of musicians out there and I think that a lot of performers aren't aware of some of the talent in Canada. I have, therefore benefited from people and institutions hiring American musicians for gigs and recordings. A while ago, I felt strange about this, feeling I was playing with great musicians that were being "bought' for the occasion. After doing some of these gigs however, I started to see that many of these well known and experienced players enjoyed the experience, and in some cases this has led to some long term and very profound musical collaborations. I have learned a lot from some of these people and I think in 90% of the cases, the musicians wanted to play. Even in the few examples where the decision was purely monetary, so what? Everyone has to make a living and even if we think a great musician is playing with people for the money, that may help fund their next great project.
I guess I'm mentioning this because I finally bit the bullet and contacted someone who has been a musical hero of mine for some time. Even though he ultimately couldn't do it ( he was booked solid for the next few years, and not being a young man, couldn't commit that far ahead) we had a very positive exchange and he wanted to hear more of my music, which I sent out this week.

I guess what I'm taking from this is; if any of us want to work with someone, try and get a hold of them and see if you can make it happen. Most musicians want to play and unless they're too busy or expensive, go for it. I have learned so much from some of the people I've gotten to work with and I plan to contact more of my heroes in the future to see if we can work together.

Look out Justin Bieber, the duo tour is coming and because you're Canadian, I can probably get a grant!

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