Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reason #846 that DeJohnette is so heavy!

Hey y'all,
I'm just posting about a theory of mine regarding Jack DeJohnette's playing.

I think he approaches the drums like it's not his main instrument. Now before you scream blasphemy ( I would too ) give me a second to explain myself. Firstly, Jack can play the drums like no other. He has a brilliant command of the instrument, coordination, sound, styles. you name it. He's incredibly creative yet consistent and I feel his playing is nothing short of visionary. What is especially consistent is ability to get straight to the music and not get hung up on mundane details about the drums. This "drums as opposed to music" vibe is a mode of thinking many drummers (myself included) often get caught up in. That's what I mean about Jack DeJohnette playing like drums isn't his main instrument. Do you think he worries if his floor tom is 2" further away from him one night on the road? Do you think he cares who the latest flavour of the month in the drum magazines is? The man is completely free. Free to let the music flow through him without a bunch of nonsense getting in the way.

Now let's dig Gateway. A great trio featuring Dave Holland, John Abercrombie, and Jack DeJohnette. In this clip Jack's conduit to the music is the drums but I feel as great a drummer as he is, he's a musician first. Definitely something for all of us to strive toward.

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