Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey all.
Many of the basic drum rudiments can be combined. If we analyze a paradiddle it is really just two single strokes and a double stroke, then repeated using the opposite hand. With that in mind, I have combined two of my favorite sounds on the drums., the buzz stroke and the flam. I call it the Blam. I have a pretty extensive article on this coming out in a drumming publication but for now I thought I'd film myself playing around with the concept. I've used the idea in 3 basic ways. Buzzing the main note of a flam, deadstroking either the main note or the grace note, and buzzing the grace note. Hopefully it will be clear in the next 3 examples.

...And speaking of Blams! Let's dig some Brothers Johnson! How can you argue with lyrics like "Got so much style in your strut, can't keep my eyes offa you know what"!

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